What practice will bring you into Self-Energy?

Self-Energy is your natural state of calm, joy and love, and living from there feels like being authentic and true. It is a constantly evolving process of self-awareness and self-care to live from Self. What will bring you there today?

3 ways to get started


Yoga Therapy Sessions

Book a personal session to find out which yoga & awareness practice can help you today to decrease stress and suffering and live from Self-Energy- calm, confidence, creativity, compassion and connection.  What you are experiencing right now in your body/mind is the roadmap to Self. I will offer a specific practice yoga or awareness practice for where you are today.

Yoga in the park

Weekly class: Dru Yoga in the Park

Join this creative, flowing Dru-style class to find connection with nature, yourself and this welcoming group of yogis. Medium intensity yoga and relaxation/meditation. All levels welcome. Modifications offered.

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Danette drinking tea

About me

I help people find self-awareness and self-care practices that reduce stress, increase wellbeing, and help you live from Self-Energy- the feeling of being authentic, aligned and empowered. Learn more about how I do this and why my beautiful farm is the perfect setting.  

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A life-changing experience...

“I have found Danette’s classes and practises to be a life-changing experience. I have learnt so much about myself and found ways of connecting to myself and therefore to others more authentically. I am a work in progress, but have found Danette and her circle to be such an inspiration, a way to become a better person.”

It was so lovely to be still...

"Thank you for today – it was so lovely to be still. The workshop flowed so beautifully. You are always so generous. Thank you – the world is a better place for you being here."  

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Sign up to my email list to hear about class updates, blog posts, upcoming events and retreats