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Your life has brought you to this place...

which of these sounds like you?

I would like to study with an experienced Mindfulness and Dru Yoga teacher to help me...

Learn to meditate

Designed to meet you where you are – either brand new to meditation, experienced or “fallen off the wagon”. Follow a structured framework to establish or deepen a regular practice.

Stress, anxiety and depression

Decrease anxiety

Uproot stress and anxiety at their source and diffuse your triggers with clear, solution-oriented practices based in mindfulness and the renowned work of psychiatrist, neuroscientist and meditator, Dr. Jud Brewer.

Improve my sleep

Explore what may be blocking your good night’s sleep while learning meditation, yoga and other evidence-based practices that create the mental space needed to allow sleep to come back.

Overcome everyday addictions

We're human: we all have unhealthy habits and ways we numb ourselves. Understand the craving mind and overcome everyday addictions and bad habits with grounded, evidence-based steps based in mindfulness. 

Reduce my stress right now

Experience a powerful 4 step mindfulness process that can reduce stress and transform how you approach what is stressing you right now. RAIN can be done alone but is more potent when guided.

Danette teaching yoga

Learn yoga for my body

For beginners or experienced yogis. Learn the fundamentals of Dru Yoga and modifications for your body so you can confidently practise at home or in a group class. 

What I offer

  • Standard Personalised Session (1 hour) $100
  • Short Personalised Session (½ hour) $50
  • 3-Session Personalised Package* $275

Benefits of a personal session

  • It's a private, safe, nurturing environment (for many people a group class is too impersonal or creates stress/anxiety).
  • The focus is on your own personal goals and needs.
  • There's safe space for you to talk and share, which can be relieving and cathartic for you, and allows me to better understand your needs and goals and therefore better tailor your personal programme. 
  • You can have your questions answered and feel heard.
  • There's plenty of time to address life challenges.
  • There's more opportunity to advance your own personal meditation practice and skills with predetermined goals.
  • You receive personalised home practices that we can tweak each time, so your practice is constantly evolving with you.
  • You receive consistent, nurturing support and this may become part of your regular self-care toolbox/routine to maintain positive focus in life, especially during difficult times.
  • You have the opportunity to discuss outcomes from previous practices and chart new directions based on your own lived experience.
  • You may be more challenged to seek lasting change from within, due to the accountability of showing up regularly for a personal session.

An astute, compassionate and wise teacher...

"Danette is a very astute, compassionate and wise teacher. She is very relatable and you can genuinely feel how much she absolutely enjoys providing this wonderful rich life experience for all her guests."

Why book a personal session?

A personal session is quite different to a group class and is the best way to start working with me.

In a private, non-judgmental space we can explore the challenges you’re experiencing right now, whether mental, emotional or physical. I can offer effective, evidence-based meditation practices to meet your goals and to move towards more vibrant wellbeing.

You don't need to practise meditation for hours everyday to improve your health and wellbeing. A simple 10-minute practice, tailored just for you and done consistently, can have profound positive results.

Thank you Danette...

"So grateful for the journey with you. Every time something wonderful happens I find myself quietly saying, 'Thank you Danette'." Jess

Ready to book a personal session?

Head to the Make A Payment page to buy your sessions and I'll be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time. Or contact me if you'd like to discuss working with me first.