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Silent Retreat Day

This is a special chance to JUST STOP and to be guided to notice again, to feel again, to breathe again, and to return to your life with a bit more quiet stillness and perhaps feeling a bit more like yourSelf.

A day of guided practices

  • Seated meditation
  • Deep relaxation
  • Walking meditation
  • Eating meditation
  • Yoga

Sample schedule

  • 8:45 – Arrive
  • 9am – Introduction and welcome
  • 9:30 – Guided sitting meditation
  • 9:50 – Guided mindful movement in nature
  • 10:20 – Sitting mountain meditation
  • 10:50 – Walking meditation in nature
  • 11:20 – Guided yoga lying down
  • 11:50 – Guided relaxation
  • 12:15 – Lunch
  • 1pm – Guided self-compassion meditation
  • 1:30 – Walking meditation
  • 2pm – Loving kindness + silent sitting meditation
  • 3pm – Closing practices, coming out of silence
  • 3:30 – Cup of tea together

Feedback from previous participants

“If you need to stop, have time for you, clear your head, sort out your thoughts, set clear intentions and just be, this day is for you.”

“Wherever you are at in life is fine. Come and explore. It's different for everybody.” 

“Finding the time and beautiful space to be still, calm and peaceful. Forget washing, jobs, etc., just relax and enjoy the flow of gentle movement, times of stillness and walks in nature.”

“It gives you the opportunity to stop, breathe, relax, regroup and start again with a clearer mind and happier thoughts and tools to move forward.”

“The silent retreat gives you the opportunity to sit with yourself and feel into your body, the feelings and emotions – mainly leaving the space and time to do this. Allowing and enabling whatever comes up to be…"

"Stillness, silence, stopping and noticing brings peace, allows one to accept and answers arise. Relaxing and watching myself brought awareness and presence. This led to peace and calm. I find after a day like this, I can trust in the flow of life and be more accepting.”

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