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How to Honour the New Year: Integration and Intention

Here is how to honour the New Year with practices for integrating the year that has passed and bringing Presence and Intention to the year that is unfolding.


This is a workshop I run in the New Year but you can do these practices yourself at home- or book a private workshop for you and your peeps.  

Purpose of this workshop: there are two sacred tasks to undertake at the start of the year:


1   Integrating the year that has passed:  this means stepping out of the Doing of everyday life, pausing, finding stillness, contemplating what has happened, what has been challenging and what has been achieved, and giving heartfelt thanks for all that is.


2.  Bringing Presence/Self Energy into the year that is unfolding: this means welcoming the new year with gratitude, contemplating what is important and setting intentions that flow from Self-Energy.

Overall Flow of the Workshop:

  • This workshop takes from 4-6 hours to really do properly.
  • We started with a long deep relaxation to really relax and find presence and energy for introspection.
  • Then we spent the first half of the day acknowledging the year that passed with two writing practices and two yoga practices.  The first was for giving thanks and the second was for letting go.
  • In the second half of the day, we explored where we’re at with the Wheel of Life and Values Cards and then made a Portable Vision Board to create intention for specific areas of our lives.  We then did a yoga practice to somatically and energetically seal the intentions.

Practices from the Workshop that You Could Do At Home:

Phase 1: The Year that Has Passed- Practices for Gratitude and Letting Go.

golden light relaxation

This is what we did but there are so many other similar practices you can do…


1.  Deep Relaxation – 45 minutes.

    1.  Compassionate Body Scan
    1.  Golden Light Relaxation


2.  Gratitude- 10 minutes. 

Set the timer for 10 minutes and just write- do a whole brain drain asking yourself: What am I grateful for?  Use the whole 10 minutes!

3.  Dru Compassion Sequence 15 minutes.

4.  Letting Go- 10 minutes.

Set the timer and just write- do a whole brain drain asking yourself: What am I willing to let go of?  Use the whole 10 minutes!

5.  Shaking and Burning- 10 minutes. 

  • Find a spot where you can now burn these pages, symbolically letting go of what you’ve written about.
  • Then put on some upbeat music and spend the WHOLE SONG shaking your whole body- part by part- hands, arms, feet, legs, hips, shoulders, neck, head- be playful, be thorough, have fun- dance and shake out all that you’re willing to let go of…. The whole time, think or say to yourself: Willing to let go…. Here’s one of my favourite shaking/tapping songs: Tapping/Shaking Song

Phase 2: The Year that is Unfolding- Practices for Finding Clarity and Setting Intentions.

values and wheel of life

Again, this is what we did but you can do anything similar to the same effect…


1  Wheel of Life- 10 minutes.

This practice helps you clarify what life areas are important to you and how you feel they are going.  It helps you find areas that you want to give more attention to.  Don’t overthink it.  Go with your gut.  Set the timer and don’t go over.  Here is a place to download one version of this Wheel of Life

2. Values- 10 minutes.

This practice helps you get clear about your values – narrowing them down to about 5.  When your values are clear, you have a foundation to base your decisions this year.  When you’re thinking about how to spend your time…whether to say yes…whether to start that new project…refer to your values (and the Wheel of Life) and see if this is aligned with your highest Self.  Here is a version that you can download for free:  Values Cards

    1. Create three piles:  Not Important, Important, Really Important.
    2. Take the Really Important pile and whittle it down to 5!  It’s hard!  Here are some tips:
      1. Some of the cards in Really Important will mean the same thing to you, ie. Freedom and Independence.  Choose just one.
      2. Some of the cards are foundational to other cards in the pile- choose the more foundational card.
      3. Some of the cards are so much a part of who you are that you don’t really have to think about them to make them part of your life.  Consider taking these out so you can focus on other areas that you tend to give less attention to.
      4. Some of the cards are in response to a very temporary situation, ie. Safety because you just experienced a 100-year flood and you’re still feeling shaken.  But on a practical level, this is not something you need to focus on in the day to day.  It has passed – (maybe you want to focus on healing and letting go from that).

3.  Vision Board/Intention Setting: 

Now you’re ready to create your vision board.  I don’t find poster vision boards very useful- I never look at them.  But last year I made an A5 accordion version and this worked really well!  I look at it last thing before bed at night and it fits in my book or journal to take with me on travel.  I LOVE IT! So we did this version.  You can make it with as many sections as you like!  This is where I took my inspiration but then I adjusted it and made it by cutting manila folders and taping them together…. Portable Vision Board

portable vision board

4. Manifestation Sequence:

To finish, we powered up the intentions in our Vision Boards with the Dru Manifestation Sequence.  I’m afraid I don’t have this recorded but you can see it with a membership on the Dru Yoga Online Library.  Alternatively, power it up with :

1. A Joyous Sun Sequence

2. Dru Tree of Transformation.

This might seem like a lot but it makes a really enjoyable and meaningful day and start to the New Year.  I would find this really hard to do on my own.  Being led and having the energy of the group is so useful.

So if all that seems too hard to do on your own, grab a few friends and I can lead it for you here at my Home Studio or Online!  Message me and we can make it happen!!

xx Namaste, Danette

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